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Kiwi Industries

Kiwi logoKiwi Industries’ philosophy is about living a lifestyle reminiscent of the past, where material “things” are replaced with “free time”. Living in New Zealand, where respect for nature and human life take precedent over everything, taught the founders of Kiwi Industries to make an effort and protect Earth for the next generation.

Natural, organic and recycled fibers are used to create classic designs with a modern twist. Only high quality fabric is used each washing truly makes each garment softer and softer with time. Wear it, wash it, pass it down from child to child.

Kiwi Industries is passionate about social and environmental awareness. Only socially responsible labor providing a sweatshop free and living wage is used to create Kiwi’s garments. Everything including their marketing on recycled paper is geared towards the goal to provide a great line of clothing while making a positive impact on the environment both human and natural.

The Fall 09 collection is 100% organic.  Kiwi Industries has been producing organic clothing for six years for a least a portion of each collections. With the exception of knitted items, all styles are made in the United States. All sweaters are knit in a fair-trade women’s cooperative in South America, where women knit from homes, often caring for their children and often providing the households sole source of income.littleboykiwi

I am very happy to bring back Kiwi Industries to The Boy’s Store. The bright colors make each Kiwi garment instantly recognizable. Collections are put together so that you can mix and match tops and bottoms for a variety of different looks and seasons.

Kiwi Industries’s clothing is simply made to last a lifetime. Through wild outdoor adventures, through a magical world of make-believe, through pure, natural fun.

Go green, go Kiwi!!

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