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MP Socks

Martin Pedersen Strompefabrik was founded in 1937 by Martin Pedersen and for more than 70 years, three generations have developed socks and tights.. The result is a high quality product with fashionable patterns for both children and adults. MP is a very environmental conscious textile company which strives to produce with the least possible environmental […]


Entertaining a boy

For a few weeks now I have been tweeting, yes tweeting, tips on how to entertain a boy or a child. Each tweet is posted every morning at 8:30 PST. You can find us on Twitter under @theboysstore Providing a daily tip seemed to be a fairly easy task when the idea first came up. […]

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Kiwi Industries

Kiwi Industries’ philosophy is about living a lifestyle reminiscent of the past, where material “things” are replaced with “free time”. Living in New Zealand, where respect for nature and human life take precedent over everything, taught the founders of Kiwi Industries to make an effort and protect Earth for the next generation. Natural, organic and […]