Apple Stamp Craft

September is a great month for apples. Apple picking, apple eating, and apple crafting. ¬†Apple crafting? Say what? Yes, you can craft with apples. It is a long-standing tradition in our household to go apple picking every year. We jar them, bake with them, and eat them. But I love apples so much I enjoy […]


Crisp Apple Snacks: After School Treats

Crisp Apple Snacks: After School Treats During the school year I try to make sure my kids are busy. We do a lot of after-school activities including sports, and special after-school programs oriented around science and learning. This usually means I need to have snack ready to go when they are. I need to feed […]

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September Adventure: Apple Picking

September is the beginning of the fall season and that means harvest time at apple farms. Apple farms are great because many host picking parties or allow families to come in on the weekends and enjoy a day of apple picking. Apple picking is fun for families, it is not just an outdoor activity it […]