Fun activity for the End of Winter

The weather is already starting to change on the west coast, but for those of you still stomping through snow and waiting out warmer weather we have a fun activity to keep those boys happy indoors. Bubble wrap has captivated people for decades. It is endless fun sitting and popping those little bubbles one by […]

Activities Learning

Science Fun: Make Your Own CSI Kit

Science is one of the most interesting and incredibly fun things in life. When you kids interact with science they interact with the real world. They are learning in constructive and hands-on ways. That is why we love to find fun ways to include science here in our blog. Kids love to learn, but they […]

Activities General

Make Your Own Lego Candy Dispenser: Valentine’s Day Love for Your Boy

Candy and Valentine’s Day are sort of synonymous, well at least they are at our house. We love to share a little treat with our sweeties on Valentine’s Day. After all, love is love. And we love our kiddos more than anything so why not make them feel special on Valentine’s Day too. We usually […]