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Cadet Seven: Summer T-shirts

Summer is here! The weather is getting hot, the barbecues are starting, and the kids are out playing! So it is time to get those boys summer ready with some fabulous summer t-shirts. Cadet Seven understands that boys need to feel comfortable, look cool, and be ready to run. The Boy’s Store has a great selection of Cadet Seven t-shirts. And some of these shirts cost less than $10 right now! So hurry in and score a few!

Surfing Shirt by Cadet Seven: This maroon shirt features a summer-centric print of surfboards, surfers, and waves all ready to make your summer the best ride ever!
cadet seven surfing shirt

Electric Guitar Shirt by Cadet Seven:  This gray short sleeved shirt will rock your boys summer. It is incredibly cool, incredibly, comfortable, and will be a favorite by the time the summer is over!

cadet seven guitar shirt

Slugger Baseball Shirt: Baseball is of course America’s favorite pastime. The season is in full swing, and with this fun shirt your little baseball fan will be ready to knock it out of the park all summer long.

cadet seven baseball

Brand New Mulberribush: Tees!!

School is getting started and that means that fall and winter weather will soon be on its way. So it is time to stock up on some incredibly cool new looks for the cool weather. Mulberribush has some awesome new looks that will keep your boys cool and comfy all season long. From twofer tees to hoodies style is apparent. Mulberribush knows how to keep your boys happy when it comes to looks, and we can keep you happy by offering these incredible looks straight from the source. What else could you possibly love about Mulberribush? Do the words made in the USA mean anything to you?

Mulberribush Boys Bulldog hoodie: this adorable long sleeved hoodie tee is charcoal, grey, and red. It features a bulldog print that will wow and impress young boys, and it is warm and comfortable which impresses mom and dad too.

Boy's hoodie by Mulberribush


Mulberribush Boys Train Twofer: this long sleeve heather grey tee features a train screenprint with a train track map background. If your little man is a train enthusiast he will definitely love this tee. It features fun train routes that will impress any train enthusiast.

Boy's twofer with train graphic design

Mulberribush Boys Little But Loud Shirt: this grey and blue raglan tee features every parents worst nightmare, a drum set. Our kids may be little, but they can be loud all on their own. Adding a drum set just ups the ante. But, they are so adorable learning to play, and the look pf pride when they finally master their first song takes some of the hurt away from the pounding eardrums. If you have a little drummer boy check out this tee for fall, it will be a smash!

boy's raglan shirt with drum set graphic


Mulberribush Boys One Two Three Trucks Shirt: this long sleeved green tee features three things boys love. Trucks, trucks, and trucks. Trucks in triplicate is the way to many young boys hearts. This tee is fun, bright, and will impress all truck loving boys with its different truck types.

boys long sleeve shirt with trucks design

Choosing just one of the new Mulberribush tees will probably be your greatest challenge.

June Feature Outfit: Dogwood

Dogwood has some amazing boy’s outfits for summer. It can get hot during those long summer months, so of course most boys love to lounge around and play in clothes that are loose fitting and made of lighter material. Of course many of our boys also love an outfit that can do double duty. It is great when they can get dressed once in the morning and go straight to the park to skate and then head to a friend’s house to swim without ever changing their clothes. That’s why boys love swim trunks that double as board shorts, they are comfortable, easy to wear, easy to swim in, and dry quickly once they are out of the water, and Dogwood has some incredible looks featuring board shorts this summer. Here is a gRReat look that will keep those buccaneer s happy.

Atlantic Board Shorts by DogwoodAtlantic Board Shorts by Dogwood: These tan/stone colored board shorts feature an Atlantic United 1672 flag print on the front with a cross and bones pirate on the flag. It has a partial elastic waist for comfort and ease of wear and is 100% polyester, and it is made in the USA! Your boys will love these comfy and cool shorts and will enjoy showing them off and using them all summer long.

Beach Bum Bling Shirt By DogwoodBeach Bum Bling Shirt by Dogwood: Whether they are real beach bums or just pool bums they will love this great tee. This orange tee with its pirate theme will make them feel like they are true buccaneers looking for booty this summer as they hang with their pirate posse. Let them enjoy their time off this summer as they bum it up like true pirates around the pool or at the park.