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100 days of School: Shirt Ideas

Have your kids reached the milestone of 100 days of school? Our school is celebrating this week with spirit week, each day of the week the kids get to do something special. One day they will all wear a shirt they have created and designed with 100 different “things” to celebrate the 100th day of […]

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New Jammies: Cold Weather Pajamas

Colder weather is on its way. Here not he west coast we are already experiencing colder nights. The nights have been cold enough I even had to break out the cold weather pajamas. But, we have grown too much over the summer and we need some new ones. So of course I knew where to […]

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Summer Bug Hunt: Learning About Bugs!

We love bugs here. My two and a half year old in fact is the biggest bug nerd I have ever met in my life. Just yesterday I was watching as a fly flew around the living room. Silly me I went to get a fly swatter. What did my two year old do? Well […]