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DIY Overnight Crystals

We are still enjoying our STEAM activities. This time we are going to try to create out very own crystals. Rocks have always been a favorite in our house. I find them in cups, pockets, shoes, and even in the bed! My kids collect them everywhere we go. Recently, they have even begun recognizing the […]


Science Freaks: Make and Egg Shell Disappear

Have you ever wondered what an egg looks like on the inside? Eggs are such a unique and special part of life. But when you crack them open they are different than they looked before. It is nearly impossible to see what they look like, untouched inside the shell. Or is it? This fun experiment […]


Science is Fun: Oil and Water Experiment

Science is fun. When a child is able to put their hands on something and find out how it works and why it works they learn so much better. What is more exciting than trying something out on your own? This month we want to share a fun science experiment that will allow your kids […]