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After School Snacks: Pizza Wheels

Looking for an amazing snack for your little ones when they are home from school? Why not try these yummy pizza pinwheels? It is a fun and delicious way to do pizza as a snack. Of course it will be a huge hit with boys who love pizza and see it as its very own […]

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Healthier Kid Favorites: Corn Dogs

We all know that our kids love junk food. In fact while we may try not to admit it we loved that type of food as kids too. As a child my favorite food was a corn dog, in fact, it still is! But as a Mom I know that corn dogs are not exactly […]


Orange Coconut Refrigerator Cheesecake

Every year when birthdays come around we try a new cake recipe with the one exception (we are not into caking eating) One family member (my sister) only requests to have this orange coconut cheesecake; it is so tasty there never is any complaints. Here is the recipe: Coconut crust 1 cup orange juice 2 […]