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Fun Spring Inspired Snacks

We love spring. We finally have the chance to play outside again, and we stay there as long as we can. With longer days, and shorter nights we spend so much time in the bright sunshine that we may as well take up residency in the backyard. I have a hard time getting the kids […]


Crisp Apple Snacks: After School Treats

Crisp Apple Snacks: After School Treats During the school year I try to make sure my kids are busy. We do a lot of after-school activities including sports, and special after-school programs oriented around science and learning. This usually means I need to have snack ready to go when they are. I need to feed […]

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Home-made Fruit Leather

Most kids love fruit snacks. Fruit rolls and fruit roll ups are a child’s Bestfriend. But those sugary sweets can be hazardous on the teeth, and the bank account. Those sweet snacks may taste great but the character themed boxes and treats can be pricey. While our kids may love them they are really not […]