Best Books: : A Wrinkle in time

The magic of books is that many can stand the test of time. A Wrinkle In Time is one of those books. It may have been written over 50 years ago, but its magic, its beauty, and its tale of fitting in never stops being important. Meg Murry and her younger brother Charles Wallace are […]

Learning reading

Books about Presidents

Our kids do a lot of learning outside of the classroom. One of the ways they learn is by reading. Reading isĀ one of the fun ways to learn new things. Especially when you read non-fiction. Non-fiction books do not have to be boring, they can actually be really fun. When you are learning new, interesting, […]

Food & Recipes reading

20 Books Your Boys Will Love: How to Eat Fried Worms

Do you have a hard time getting your boys interested in reading new books? Do your boys like to read but not enjoy looking for new books that they will like? Do you try to keep up on the new book trends but have a difficult time deciding which books will interest your young boys? […]