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Thanksgiving a Day of Meaning

As parents we know the meaning of thankfulness. We understand that feeling every time we see our children finish their homework, fall asleep on the couch, eat their dinner without prompting. We know what it means to be thankful for their good health, their sweet minds, and their wonderful presence in our daily lives. We […]


Winter Woes: The Stomach Flu

Everyone becomes a baby again when flue season hits. Feeling achy, vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever can reduce even the toughest of men into whining babies. So it is no wonder that our kiddos feel so absolutely miserable when they get sick with the stomach flu. Nobody likes to feel sick and vulnerable. So what […]


Fostering a Love For Reading: Imagination Part One

With all of our modern devices it can be difficult to get your children interested in reading. Many young kids think that reading only involves a text message, the prompt on video games, and perhaps a comic book. So it can be difficult to get them interested in reading a real book, especially when so […]