Shamrock Homeschool Activity

We do not homeschool, but we do have a toddler home most of the week, and we love to give him fun and educational activities to keep him busy and give him a small introduction to classwork. We are still doing a lot of themed activities each month, that way we introduce him to the […]


Name Trace: Toddler Activity

I have one toddler at home with me during the week. With everyone else at school I like to try and find activities that will help my youngest guy grow and thrive without weighing him down with things he would find boring. He loves arts and crafts, and he loves stickers. I recently started having […]


Apple Pie Playdough: Sensory Crafts

Are you looking for some fun sensory crafts for your little ones? Sensory activities are important for early learning development since they teach children ¬†about the world around them through their senses. Children under the age of 3 love sensory activities, they are even an excellent teaching tool for children with developmental delays. Sensory activities […]