STEAM: Dancing Ballerina

STEAM activities are really on my mind recently. My kids love to do fun things together, and as they get older arts and crafts are just not cutting it anymore. We have been trying to add in more building and creating activities to give them more range. We found this fun Dancing Ballerina experiment that […]


Lego STEM Activity

Legos are such a fun and simple way to teach STEM. They can be an excellent tool for teaching mechanics and engineering. Our kids love to build with Legos for fun, and I let them whenever they want to, however, I also like to sometimes challenge them with something like this bridge building activity. Frugal […]


Books: Books That Make us Laugh

We love books that give us a laugh and bring us together. Books that can bring joy can improve our day, our week, or our lives. It may seem impossible that one book can do so much, but laughter is really the best medicine. This month we wanted all the laughter in our house after […]