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Children’s Love Languages

A few years ago my husband and I read a book about Love Languages. It talks about how each of us feels loved in different ways, and how to understand how your partner feels love and needs to be shown love. It was eye opening for us. We both feel love differently, so we understand […]

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Best Boy Books: When Friendship Followed Me Home

Preteens and tweens can be very difficult periods of development, not just for our kids, but for us as well. There seems to be a gap that develops between parents and their kids during this important step in development. Many of us remember it well, after all, we went through it as well. Only this […]

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Operation Christmas Child: Gifts for Kids Around the World

The Holidays are a time for giving not just receiving. So many kids and families around the world cannot afford to provide Christmas presents for one another. While we celebrate our Christmas at home with our gifts for our kids a family somewhere else is missing out on that experience. One way to make your […]