Manners: What’s Important to You as a Parent?

As parents, we have our make or break topics. One of mine is manners. My kid doesn’t have to be the smartest in his class, they don’t have to be the best player on their team, but by golly they better have the best manners wherever they go. I try to model good behavior. So […]

Learning reading

Books That Teach: Toddlers and Manners

Toddlers learn by example. There is a reason that the saying, “monkey see, monkey do!” is so popular amongst parents of toddlers. They literally watch everything we do, all day long. Every day we show them how to act in public. When you thank the barista at the drive-thru window when you interact with the cashier […]


A Well-Mannered Child

We live in a world of gadgets, Facebook, twitter, and email. A world where if you need to get in touch with someone you send a quick text or short email, usually without a salutation, correct grammar, or even in full sentences. We ask questions in a way that makes them appear to be a […]