Science in the World: NASA’s Kepler Mission

In July the world was witness to a great discovery, the Kepler NASA mission delivered incredible images of the incredible discoveries it has been making. Do you and your boys know anything about the incredible discoveries of the Kepler mission? Here is a rundown of the Kepler Mission’s objectives: The Kepler Mission’s main objective is […]


Science and Technology: Emailing a Tool a World Away

In December NASA and Astronaut Butch Wilmore accomplished a very exciting and incredible thing; NASA emailed a socket wrench to space and Butch Wilmore printed it and used it. This sounds a little crazy right? Well it actually happened. Astronaut Butch Wilmore is living on the International Space Station right now where he is conducting […]

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Curiosity Mars Landing

The rover Curiosity has landed on Mars Last night The United States of America made history after landing the newest Mars Rover, Curiosity, on the surface of Mars. This new Mars Rover is just the beginning of a mission that will hopefully give the USA a better understanding of life on Mars by studying the […]