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Meet New Jammies and Nicole Johnson

This month at The Boy’s Store we are highlighting the great designer brand New Jammies created by designer and founder Nicole Johnson. Nicole gave us a few minutes of her time to tell us about some of the things that make New Jammies great and it gave us a chance to learn more about this […]

boys clothing Brand News Made in the USA

Imagine GreenWear

IIMAGINE GreenWear is going back to the time when fabric prints were made with dyes, before the invention of modern screen inks. The combination of using certified organic cotton to make their garments and using only eco-friendly dyes for decoration makes their product the greenest in the imprinted sportswear industry. All products are designed and […]

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Kiwi Industries

Kiwi Industries’ philosophy is about living a lifestyle reminiscent of the past, where material “things” are replaced with “free time”. Living in New Zealand, where respect for nature and human life take precedent over everything, taught the founders of Kiwi Industries to make an effort and protect Earth for the next generation. Natural, organic and […]