Hula Hoop Tent: Outdoor fun!

Are you and your kids looking for some fun outdoor activities this spring? This one is so easy it will make you laugh. All you need is a dollar store hula hoop, some rope, Safety pins, and a couple of old sheets. Forts and tents have been kids go-to summer and spring fun for decades. […]


DIY Backyard Games: Lawn Twister!

Twister is one of those fabulous games that kids of all ages love to play. It is wild, crazy, fun, and gets very interesting and more exciting the longer you play. But have you ever noticed it can be a little bit too wild of a game for the indoors? Have you ever thought of […]

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Build Your Own Bottle Rocket!

Since the Curiosity rover landed this month on Mars we have been spending quite a bit of time introducing you to Mars. But let’s go back a few steps. Before Curiosity could land on Mars it had to have launched into space. How do we launch things into space? With rockets, and what little boy […]