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DIY Overnight Crystals

We are still enjoying our STEAM activities. This time we are going to try to create out very own crystals. Rocks have always been a favorite in our house. I find them in cups, pockets, shoes, and even in the bed! My kids collect them everywhere we go. Recently, they have even begun recognizing the […]


Turn Milk in to Plastic: Science Experiment

Science is such an interesting subject. So many things in our world are un-explainable to the naked eye, but if you apply a little science to what seems to be an amazing miracle, voila, you have the perfect explanation. This month we are sure that every mom and dad is beginning to feel the fear […]


STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

STEM has become an important part of our children’s learning experience. The world of tomorrow is based upon science, technology, engineering, and math. Yet many of our children are still performing very poorly in these subjects. Many schools do not have the funding or time to dedicate to these subjects, and many students fall behind […]