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Science At Home: How to Make a Cloud

It has been raining a lot at our house this past month, and I keep hearing the same questions and remarks from my kids. What is rain? The clouds crying. The sky peeing (yes one of the boys said this!) What are clouds made of? The clouds are made of cotton candy. The clouds are […]

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Fun With Baking Soda: Exploding Bags

Boys love when things explode. So it is no wonder that for years boys have lived cherry bombs and baking soda bombs. When we were young they were available at the corner drugstore, the ice-cream man sold them, and we bought them up. Even us girls were not immune to the excitement of watching something […]

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Rock Candy Tutorial: Sweet Science

Science experiments are always a huge hit with boys. They love to watch as things change shape, color, size, or in some cases blow up! This experiment doesn’t blow up but it sure is fun, and sweet! Rock candy is an excellent way to show kids how rocks form and crystals form. Over many years […]