Summer Sunglasses

Summer calls for all the fun you can cram in to a three month time period. But summer isn’t all fun and games. Summer is hot, summer is bright, and you need protection. The sun is at its strongest in he summer, so we need to be sure we protect ourselves from its rays. That […]

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Appaman Sunglasses: Summer is Spectacular!

Summer is a spectacular time. The sun, the water, the time off school. It is a child’s paradise! When we adults visit paradise we need all the right gear. We’re talking swimsuits, cover ups, sunblock, and the perfect pair of shades. Well guess what, kids aren’t any different, and this summer Appaman has the coolest […]

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Summer Shades: The Boy’s Store

Their future is bright, and so is the summer sun. So why not get your boys some cool new shades this month to help them be ready for all the fun outdoor activities they plan to partake in this summer. Whether it is a ball game, the beach, or just hanging out with their friends […]