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Sports, Sports, Sports!!

I don’t know about your kids, but mine just finished their soccer season. It was a very big season for us. One kid went up a division, and the other was very excited to learn more about the fundamentals and play a REAL game and not just running around chasing the ball. I was Team Mom for both teams, and if you are not familiar with sports that essentially means I am the Team Manager.

My fall season has been running back and forth between soccer fields, planning practices, arranging snack schedules, designing and purchasing a soccer banner for each team, and helping to run practice and games. We play through AYSO. American Youth Soccer Organization.  We really like them because they background check and train every individual that is in contact with your children. Including the team moms. Everyone also goes through a concussion training in order to recognize when a possible concussion has occurred and how to deal with it to protect the children. AYSO is also very interested in the kids HAVING FUN while also learning the fundamentals of a team sport. They also make sure that they kids are interacting, learning good sportsmanship, and learning to organize and follow directions. We have enjoyed playing there immensely.

Now that the season is over I am in the midst of planning end of season parties or banquets. This year we are planning to have fun together as a team and go bowling. I have arranged a party at our local bowling alley, rented shoes for every player, and we will be supplied with unlimited pizza and drinks. This week I am purchasing cupcakes, plates, and napkins, and preparing gifts for our coaches and goodie bags for the team.

As a coach gift this year I purchased black canvas tote bags and had them personalized for each coach. Each of the kids is getting a handmade soccer ornament with a photo of them playing during the year on the front, and a soccer ball on the back. I am also including some squishy light up soccer balls, soccer whistles, and soccer tattoos (and a few pieces of Halloween candy I am attempting to get rid of!) I am also creating special certificates for each player for improving and having a great season. Check them out here if you have a player you want to recognize. Thank you to The Family Shopping Bag for these great printables. They also have baseball, football, and basketball.

Now that soccer season is finally over and the parties are almost ready I will begin focusing on my holiday preparations. Is anyone else a little behind like me? I hope so, I hate to be the only procrastinator.

All About Rio: Rio Summer Olympics 2016

People all over the world are watching as Rio de Janeiro hosts the grand event; the summer Olympics.

The summer Olympics will show over 11,000 athletes participate in over 306 events. With competitions covering twenty eight different sports.

Brazil is a beautiful country and is very proud that their beautiful beach-side city, Rio de Janeiro, is able to host such an illustrious event. Many of you are probably watching the games at home with your family.  What do you really know about Rio? We wanted to share some fun facts about Rio. Now you can impress your friends and family with facts about Rio and about the Olympics.


Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Europeans first settled in Guanabara Bay in January of 1502. The Portuguese were the first settlers. They named the area “January River” which was translated Rio de Janeiro. The expedition was led by explorer Gaspar de Lemos as ordered by King Manuel I.

At the time Rio de Janeiro was inhabited by the native groups of the Tupi, Puri, Botocudo, and Maxahali peoples.  The city of Rio de Janeiro proper was officially founded by the Portuguese on March 1, 1565. First formally named São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro in honour of St. Sebastian. The saint was the patron of the Portuguese Monarch D. Senastiao.

Rio de Janeiro was the official name of Guanabara Bay and during the 18th century Rio was invaded by several French pirates and buccaneers. Jean-François Duclerc and René Duguay-Trouin to name a few.

It wasn’t until 1822 that Prince Pedro proclaimed the independence of Brazil. Prince Pedro chose to keep Rio de Janeiro as the capital of his new empire. Rio continued as the capital of Brazil until after 1889, when the monarchy was replaced by a republic.

Summer Olympics 2016

Rio began bidding for the 2016 Olympics in 2007. It is a big deal to be the chosen host city and involves a lot of work in preparation. It takes years to prepare for the 16 day event. Major infrastructure had to be completed, including Olympic Park. The Olympic Village and a lot of urban renovation had to be completed to accommodate all the tourists and participants in the games. The outbreak of the mosquito transmitted Zika Virus caused a lot of controversy. It led to a change in the way health is handled before and during the Olympic games.

The Guanabara Bay that is to be used for many water events is heavily polluted. It needs to be properly dealt with before events can be held. This process led to a political upheaval, affecting not only President Rousseff, but also former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Brazil was also having its worst economic crisis since the 1990s. Which made many question whether the country was prepared for the Games. In May, President Rousseff was stripped of her powers and duties for 180 days following an impeachment vote in the Federal Senate. Leaving Vice President Michel Temerwill as acting president during the Games.

Sports Illustrated for Kids: NFL Rush

Do you have a huge sports-fan in your house? Is football season akin to Christmas time to your boys? Well if so you need to head over to Sports Illustrated for Kids and checkout this incredible contest.

NFL Rush Fantasy 2015 gives kids ages 6-12 the opportunity to win a trip to the Probowl in January 2016. Kids could win a great Weekly Prize of an XBOX One and a copy of Madden NFL 16 or even the Grand Prize of a $5,000 scholarship and a trip to the 2016 Pro Bowl. Kids must have parental consent to participate, but if their team wins they can win one of the many cool prizes being offered.
Sports Illustrated for Kids

Fantasy Football is a long standing tradition amongst football fans. Fans get to draft their own teams from their favorite NFL players, and they will compete (in the fantasy world) with other teams. SI Kids allows the kids to create their fantasy teams in a safe environment and will cultivate injuries, by-weeks, and game schedules for the kids teams to experience all season long.

Your kids can enter up until January 3, 2016. But the longer the team competes against other teams the better the chances are to gain incredible prizes. So if you and your kids want to give fantasy football a shot, and try to win incredible prizes, head on over to Sports Illustrated for Kids now to begin playing!