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STEM Activities: Experimenting with Weather and Lightning!

STEM has become such an important part of science in classrooms around the country. It is not only a very important part of our current lifestyle, we use science and technology in nearly every major job now, it is also such an important part of our daily lives. This moths fun STEM activity deals with […]


How Strong is Spaghetti?: A STEM Activity

Frugal Fun 4 Boys has always been one of our favorite blogs. If you still aren’t following Sarah, you are missing out. We have been highlighting Sarah’s amazing ideas for years, and once again, we just have to share her brilliance. STEM is such an important part of our education system now, after all, STEM […]


STEM Activities: Flotation Devices for Action Figures

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mechanics is a huge part of learning in today’s modern world. It is very important that we reinforce that learning at home. STEM doesn’t have to be a boring subject, in fact, it can be a quite remarkable subject that includes lots of outrageous experiments. This experiment is fun, simple, and […]