STEAM Activities: Burning Ice

As much as I want to rest and do nothing during Fall break I know that the best way to keep my kids from driving me up the wall is to find ways to keep them busy without driving me crazy. We plan a lot of independent activities during the fall break like legos, art, […]

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Best Books: Trapped In a Video Game

Do you have a kid that loves video games but isn’t very interested at reading? We may have found the perfect book series for them! Trapped in a Video Game is an incredible series that follows the young Jesse Rigsby as he navigates his way through the harsh years of adolescence with one major complication […]

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Pumpkin Launcher: Lego Fun

Every year the weekend of Thanksgiving my family watches a show called Punkin Chunkin. On this show people from all over the country gather in Delaware to launch pumpkins from catapult machines and canons. The pumpkin that travels the farthest wins. It is a silly and fun show that allows for creativity and incredible engineering. […]