Best Boy Books: ZOMBIES!!

Disaster Diaries: Zombies! It is summer vacation and everyone is ready for the greatest time ever! That is until the last week of school brings about the Zombie Apocalypse. When a science experiment in science class goes terribly wrong everyone is drenched in a goo that turns them in to Zombies!! Now summer is going […]

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Summer Reading Lists by Grade

Reading over the summer is so important. Your child loses nearly 60 percent of his knowledge during the summer months. By engaging your children over the summer with books and activities you can help to ensure that your kids do not lose the knowledge they gained during the school year. This month we want to share […]

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Free Reading Programs for Summer!!

We love to promote reading here at The Boy’s Store. We know that sometimes it can be difficult getting our little guys, or even our big guys, interested in reading, especially in the summer. That is why we always are glad to share some of the greatest summer reading programs we can find. These programs […]