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Wes and Willy: Summer Comes Early

It may seem a bit early, especially since the groundhog saw his shadow last week and we are in for 6 more weeks of winter. But we are already prepping for warmer weather. Perhaps its a wish for longer days and warmer activities, but Wes and Willy has some great new looks for summer weather.

Boys Pizza Shirt by Wes and Willy: This red short sleeved tee features a great love for pizza. Because after all, who doesn’t love pizza? This tee is perfect for warmer weather, it even reminds us of happier times eating pizza with our friends and running in the warm sunshine all afternoon.

Summer comes early pizza shirt

Boys Volcano Swim Trunks: these red, orange and blue swim trunks feature a scene from a volcano island. With surfers and beautiful sunsets, it is the perfect swimsuit for a fun and carefree summer. Pair it with the Pizza shirt for a fun and carefree look this summer.

Summer comes early volcano swim trunks

Boys Toucan shirt by Wes and Willy: This green toucan shirt is cool, just like summer. Laid-back and ready to relax this toucan is exactly how I want to be all summer long.

Summer comes early toucan shirt

Boys Hibiscus Swim Trunks by Wes and Willy: these blue and green hibiscus patterned swim trunks bring back memories of the islands. It is easy, breezy, and cool. They pair well with the laid-back Toucan Shirt, so grab them both and have a laid-back and easy summer.

Summer comes early floral trunks

July Brand Feature: La Miniatura

We love La Miniatura for its fun and outrageous designs. La Miniatura is highly influenced by Rock ‘n Roll, making it an instant favorite amongst boys. It is no wonder so many boys love the styles since they usually reflect the wild and fun personalities of the boys that wear them. This summer La Miniatura is reflecting the hot colors and popular looks of not only Rock ‘n Roll but also the hip new fashion and style effect called ombré. The multi-hued look is very popular this year so it is no surprise to see it featured in this great brand’s new looks.

Multi Skull Raglan Shirt by La Miniatura: this ocean and charcoal colored short sleeve raglan features a totally cool skull print that harkens back to hard core Rock ‘n Roll style. The shirt is lightweight and perfect for summer.


Ombré Flying Crows Sleeveless Hoodie Tank by La Miniatura: this sleeveless ombré orange colored hooded tank is an awesome summer look. Boys love hoodies so it’s a no-brainer to create one that can be worn during the summer. The tank also features a flying crows screen print that has that hip rocker edgy look that boys love.


Ombré Motor Racer Hoodie Tank by La Miniatura: another ombré tank, this one is ocean colored and features a screen print of an awesome motorcycle. Boys will love the tough looking bike and will love wearing it all summer long.


Tie Dyed Skinny Shorts by La Miniatura: available in competition orange or ocean colors these shorts have a skinny fit. The tie dye look is incredibly cool this year and will impress boys with their bright and bold colors. They match excellently with any of the Ombré tanks or the Skull Raglan tee.