Kids at the Thanksgiving Table: Coloring Pages and Games

We sit together as a family for the holidays. We used to do a kids table but now we just let the kids sit with us at the Thanksgiving table. To keep them busy we try to have little activities at the table. We keep Mad Libs, coloring pages, and we all play ice-breaker games […]


Getting in the Spirit: How to make more than just pie!

Thanksgiving is one of those taken for granted holidays and as well as getting in the spirit for it. It falls right between Halloween and Christmas, which let’s face it most kids love. It can be hard to get kids in the Thanksgiving spirit. Every year my kids learn about the first Thanksgiving. We read […]

Food & Recipes

Simple Meals: Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza

Simple meals, like this Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza one, are my favorite. The less mess, the better. The less work, the better. This is the season of simple and straightforward. We have so much going on during the rush between Halloween and Christmas that I can barely breathe let alone plan a healthy fabulous […]