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Boys Underwear Briefs

Do you remember the times when little boy’s underwear briefs were made of high quality cotton and had a large comfortable elastic waistband? Tiger Underwear was created to bring back quality, soft, comfortable full rise briefs. These were a staple item at many large retailers in the 60’s and 70’s and slowly were replaced by […]

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Sun and Eye Damage – Putting their eyes first …

Sun and eye damage. UV light can cause eyes, just like your skin, to sunburn. Studies show that extended exposure to the sun during childhood can lead to impaired vision, cataracts and, at worst case, blindness. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infants and children under the age of ten are at the highest […]


Organic Socks for Boys by Jefferies

Country Kids, a division of Jefferies Socks, has just announced, with what looks to us as some mild trepidation, that they will be introducing a new line of organic socks for boys (and girls) for Spring 2009. We for one are looking forward to seeing the full line up. The new boy’s (and girl’s)¬†organic¬†sock line […]