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Thanksgiving Potluck Appetizer

We are only days away from our Thanksgiving vacation at my kids’ school. This year the lower grades are having a potluck to celebrate and learn about the first Thanksgiving. I have to bring a potluck appetizer for my children to share. I usually bring something like a veggie tray, but that has already been […]

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Get a Facelift: Sliders!

Thanksgiving always leaves us with leftover food. But what do we do with all that food? Doing the same leftover sandwiches and meals every year can get boring. This year we found a great little recipe that you and your boys will love. This month we found a blog that will soon become one of […]


Thanksgiving: Learning About Turkeys

Thanksgiving is almost here which means it will be turkey time! But does anyone really know anything about the turkey? How does it live? what does it eat? Why do we eat it on Thanksgiving? Well let’s get settled here and learn a little bit about that infamous bird and discover just why we consider […]